1950: Hortense Powdermaker on the Power of Humane-ness in Hollywood

Powdermaker, author of the landmark study, Hollywood: The Dream Factory, was adamant about the importance of humane-ness in the motion picture world:

The really important people in the development and growth of the movies, as a popular art form and as a profitable industry, are the small groups of artists who continually struggle to function as such, and the occasional executive who appreciates their goals because they are partly or wholly his own…. It is these men and women … who are responsible for any human creativity that there is in Hollywood.  They have a point of view, the expression of which is important to them; they have a capacity for sustained hard work, and they prefer thoughtful planning to constant crises.  They regard people as human beings.  Although comparatively few, they can be found in all parts of movie production. They struggle constantly for power within the Hollywood system, power not to dominate other human beings, but to bend the system so that creation becomes human (Powdermaker 1950:293).

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