2004. 47.3 % of IATSE 600 film workers have fallen asleep at the wheel after 11-14 hour days.

One aspect of motion picture production that emerged during this new era of location shooting  (post 1970s) was an increased level of danger for the entire crew both due to longer working hours and to unsafe conditions on the set.  Once production moved off the studio lot, measures that insured a certain level of production safety were far less enforceable or enforced. 

These conditions have continued to the present day. Regarding the longer workday, in the 2004 membership survey, IATSE Local 600 members reported that 47.3 percent have fallen asleep at the wheel.  Only 10.7 percent of members’ workdays are shorter than ten hours.  Eleven to fourteen hour days are the norm for 78.5 percent of the members (Glover 2004).

Academy Award winner Haskell Wexler made a film about the costs of sleep deprivation in filmmaking called “Who Needs Sleep?” (2006). It’s worth a look.

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