1940s-1960s You asked. Hollywood: Both anti-Communists and pro-Communists feared the same totalitarian nightmare.

I believe that those thinking people who feared communism and those thinking people who were sympathetic to communism’s possibilities mostly did (and do) not speak to each others’ concerns.  Those who feared communism considered what in practice Russia and China had done in the name of communism and wanted to prevent that in the United States.  Some were willing to go to any lengths to do so.  Those thinking people who considered the positive possibilities of communism saw that communism in theory offered more egalitarian opportunity.  Each group saw the other as hopelessly dangerously misguided.  The two sides had in common that they were trying to avoid the totalitarian nightmare.  The Right wing saw it in China and Russia and feared its implementation here.  The Left wing saw it in the Right wing.  A benefit to the studios of this debate and the conflagration around it was that it divided and distracted the labor movement from their common cause.

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