2006 — Are there Positive Aspects of Runaway Production? Nope.

            I wonder if there are optimistic possibilities embedded in the changes this project has documented.  If you’re building a labor force in Canada, in Australia, in Botswana, you’re building sound stages, and a more multicultural workforce.   If you are “seeding” a new industry, you might also be building the possibility of different world views being produced, and, maybe a greater, more democratic world in the long haul.  When I suggested this to [a film worker and long-time IA member, name withheld pending permission from interviewee], he said, “I am hoping that what we’re feeling now is some kind of a growing pain, that I just can’t see beyond the pain part of it … the pain that says everything you thought your life was going to be ten years ago, five years ago is wrong, and you’re going to lose everything.”  Looking beyond that, he continued:

“But it was a birthing process [laughter]. Now, isn’t it great that we’re not just going to have X Men 3 followed by X Men 4 followed by X Men 5?  There [are] going to be great movies made all around the world, and you’ll have access to those wonderful French comedies you used to love that you can’t find any more.  Then, okay, great.  But I’m not seeing the corporate model as having the slightest interest in art or information.  And what it seems to be – especially if you look at Clear Channel and Fox – they don’t really want you to have any information that’s not favorable to them “([Name withheld pending permission from interviewee, interview 2006).


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