2007–“Greed alone cannot innovate” Runaway Production hollows out the labor force, film content, and contributes to hollowing out America’s middle class

Runaway production, by costing the United States billions of dollars in revenue and tens of thousands of jobs does not just hollow out the Hollywood labor force, it also contributes to the ideological hollowing out of film content, and the general hollowing out of America’s middle class [as demonstrated in the dissertation].  As such, it undermined this democracy’s power to fight the voracious power of corporate conglomerates.  The bureaucracy of democracy, however flawed, is preferable to the bureaucracy of totalitarianism, which does not value the dignity and diversity of the many. When capitalism’s current avatars, the multinational corporations, own the studios, the vision of possibility changes and creativity loses.  We all lose.  Even capital.  As Richard Florida put it, “greed alone cannot innovate” (Florida2007:76). Rather, he found democratic values, “openness, tolerance, self-expression as sources of economic growth” (Florida2007:75).

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